• Mercedes-Benz Armored S600 Guard
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/06/2014

    Mercedes-Benz Unveils Armored S600 Guard

    Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled the S600 Guard, touted as the world's first "comprehensively certified" vehicle in the VR9 resistance class. The armored luxury sedan is perfect for an individual in need of the the ultimate...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/06/2014

    Dodge Designers Detail Upgrades To 2015 Challenger

    With the 2015 Dodge Challenger set to hit showrooms this fall, we got an advanced look, as well as some behind the wheel time with each trim recently -- including the base-model SXT, the...
  • A Closer Look At The 2015 Lexus NX 200t F Sport (Review)
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/05/2014

    A Closer Look At The 2015 Lexus NX 200t F Sport

    Lexus recently invited us to preview and drive their all-new crossover: the 2015 Lexus NX 200t F Sport. We've been looking forward to the new SUV for some time and graciously took the trip to Nashville,...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/05/2014

    Craig Robinson, Jake Johnson Say: “Don’t Touch My Dodge Dart”

    Dodge taps comedians/actors Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson for a series of ad spots for the 2015 Dart called "Don’t Touch My Dart." Before it launches on TV this week, here's a first look...
  • Rolls-Royce line-up - Phantom, Ghost and Wraith
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/05/2014

    Rolls-Royce Developing New Car Model

    Following the success of their Phantom, Ghost and Wraith models, Rolls-Royce announced Tuesday (August 5) that it's begun development for a new model scheduled to hit the market in 2016. "I am truly delighted...
  • The Crafted Line By Lexus
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/05/2014

    The Crafted Line By Lexus Unveiled

    Luxury carmaker, Lexus, unveiled Tuesday (August 5) its a special edition trim for its 2015 models. Dubbed "The Crafted Line by Lexus," the collection sees five vehicles in its line-up get an Ultra White...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/02/2014

    Ian Wood Captures Aerial View Of Los Angeles

    For the many who grew up in and around the City of Angels, few can claim to have seen all the city has to offer. Ian Wood provides us with an aerial view of the urban...
  • LeBron James
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/01/2014

    Ohio Lawmaker Pushing For LeBron James License Plate

    LeBron James makes such an impact on the state of Ohio that a state lawmaker is proposing a license plate honoring the NBA superstar. According to, State Rep. Bill Patmon is planning to...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 07/31/2014

    A Look At The Oldest Operating McDonald’s In The World

    Though there are 34,000 McDonald's restaurants scattered throughout the world, none of them can compare to the one located in Downey, California (a Los Angeles suburb). The restaurant is one of the originals, dating...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 07/31/2014

    Hidden Messages Within Famous Logos

    BuzzFeed recently rolled out pt. 2 of its "Hidden Pictures In Famous Logos" series, in which he analyzes hidden messages integrated subtly into well-known logos. Featured here are marks from brands like the Dallas...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 07/31/2014

    BMW Enlists 5 Pro-Drivers For “Epic Driftmob”

    Woah!! This is awesome!! BMW recently enlisted five Hollywood stunt drivers and put them behind the wheel of the new 2015 M235i ... and the result is this epic display of drifting. A roundabout...
  • Chateau Ocean Condominiums In Miami
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 07/30/2014

    Fendi To Open Chateau Ocean Condominiums In Miami

    Italian luxury brand Fendi is set to a beachfront property in Miami called the Chateau Ocean Condominiums. Partnering with real estate firm Chateau Group, the property will be located in the Surfside district of...