Kanye West Suffered From Paranoia & Depression

Kanye West

Further details in Kanye West's hospitalization have emerged. Apparently, he has been battling paranoia and depression.

According to TMZ, Ye has been in "desperate shape", feeling both "paranoid and profoundly depressed" for a long time... and reached a tipping point this past week.

He was rushed to the hospital early last week, when he became convinced that people were out to get him, including the doctors who were caring for him, refusing to let his physician even touch him.

Sources tell TMZ his condition has been building for months. Furthermore, he's said to also suffer from dehydration and exhaustion.

  • KellenTakesAnL

    Illuminati is about to kill him and make it seem like the causes were something common (suicide, car accident, etc)

  • Kylie pretty

    Hope he gets better

  • 2Pac’s Ghost

    Nah Bruh
    They ain't gonna kill him but they definitely gonna make a desperate tap dancing coon complete spectacle out of him.
    Kinda like a combination of Steven A. Smith, Charles Barkley, and Sheriff David Clarke mixed With Cheryl Underwood except this coon can rap pretty good smh it's gonna be ugly! Kanye ain't that high on the hit list if Sway can't punk him and make him settle down in less than one minute.