Drake’s “One Dance” Most-Streamed Song Ever on Spotify


Drake's VIEWS album is shaping up to being one of the his most historic albums ever.

After becoming the first album to reach one billion streams on Apple Music, Spotify has confirmed that the album's smash single, "One Dance", is now the most-streamed song in the platform's history... with more than 880 million streams.

The number shatters the previous title holder, Major Lazer, DJ Snake & MØ’s "Lean On", which had 526 million plays last year.

In all, Drake has more than 8 billion total streams on Spotify.

  • Sal From Impractical Joker’s

    Who tf listens to this clowns music

  • From the stats, apparently, 1 billion people.

  • Sal From Impractical Joker’s

    Could be 200 million ppl listening to it 5x, idk, I don't see him as being a top 10 artist, there's better than him bruh

  • Hey, not saying hes the best, but people are feeling him. So, he's doing something right. Everybody has their preferences though.