Bullet-Struck Tupac Pendant Up For Sale

Tupac Shakur

Tupac memorabilia continues to hit the market, the latest being a diamond pendant that was struck by a bullet in the late rapper's 1994 Quad Studios shooting.

As reported by TMZ, memorabilia dealer Moments In Time has the item on sale now -- a gold pendant, featuring a crown encrusted in diamonds. As shown in the photos, it's bent where a bullet hit it in the NYC shooting.

It's currently available for $125,000 USD online here.

A member of Tupac's family sent the item into Moments In Time, to manage the sale.

Bullet-struck Tupac pendant


    Selling all PAC ish Smfh that should be kept in the family like bigs Jesus piece was

  • Pawnshop East NY

    Naw Bruh BIG's Jesus piece was around Lil Cease's neck when he got beat down by Maino and robbed by some little nigga from the entourage.
    both BIG's Jesus pieces have been sold,worn, and resold throughout Brooklyn 50 plus times throughout the years. No telling what Brownsville heroin dealer has it around his neck today. Those chains are long gone. Ms. Wallace woulda held it down but Cease.... not so much


    I thought manio gave it back off the strength that it was bigs or some shit. I don't know. Just heard it. Well damn nothing is off limits

  • Thats some crazy shit! 😲