Hennessey Performance Gives the Ford Focus RS a Boost

Hennessey Performance is back at it, taking Ford's Focus RS and souping it up even further.

The Hennessy Ford Focus RS is tuned, via the HPE400 package, modding the engine management, while adding a high-flow air filter and exhaust mid pipe, upping it from 370 horsepower to 405 hp and 425 lb-ft of torque.

The performance hatchback also comes complete with special exterior badging.

See photos of the Hennessy Ford Focus RS above, as well as visual look below. For more info, visit Hennessey Performance’s website here.

  • Benny


    Now the rear drive unit can overheat even faster!

  • Thomas Healy

    It is true. Until Hennessey find a way of cooling the rear differential, you only effectively have a front wheel drive car with 405hp.

  • LackofPerspective

    Hennessey is a shady organization, which makes me wonder how they'll handle customer complaints once their power upgrade leads to serious overheating of that rear diff.