50 Cent & Game End Decade-Long Beef With Dap

50 Cent and The Game

After beefing for more than a decade, 50 Cent and Game have put their differences aside ... and can now party in the same club with no problems.

The two rapper were spotted by TMZ recently, partying at the Ace of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles... and even briefly chopped it up.

In the clip (below), 50 Cent and Game are seen in the same area of the club, and eventually dap each other up and speak... before going about their business and peacefully enjoying their evening.

As they say, time heals all wounds.

It's not the first time either. In March, Game posted a drunken IG post co-signing 50's Effen Vodka. Then, later that same month, they peacefully partied in the same club... without incident.

  • lol, too late, nobody even care no more. Both them putting out weak shit now.

  • Jay Jay

    that's not true, the weak ish is what you are hearing on the radio these days, but that documentary 2.5 was fire, the streets was with it tough

  • All the shit I heard he is trying to be like the kids. Aint heard any good shit from Game since ... shit I dont even know homes, lol.