Stephen Colbert Parodies Kanye West’s Rant On “Ellen”

Kanye West went off on one of his epic rants last week, during an appearance on The Ellen Show. He gave an eight-minute long speech, where he explained how he'd be able to make the world a better place... if he were given the resources.

It was only a matter of time before we got a parody, and it happened on the Late Show, via host Stephen Colbert.

"I have ideas that can make human existence better, period, end of sentence, punctuation, semi-colon, ellipses, parenthesis," Colbert declared. "I wanna make better hot dog buns. People say 'that's crazy' at a party when I talk about hot dog buns, but when I was in second grade I ate hot dogs. I called Oscar Meyer. I'm like, 'We gotta make better buns that match the length of the hot dog!'"