Wale Accuses United Airlines of Racial Profiling After Missing Flight


Wale missed a flight out of New Jersey on Friday (May 13), and is blaming United Airlines of racial profiling.

The MMG rapper revealed the incident on both Twitter and Snapchat. In a video he shared, he singled out a single UA employee behind the counter at the gate, claiming she closed the door in his face.

"They closed the door on my face, y'all. They closed the door right in my face. This why I won’t make my show," Wale says in the video.

"They harassed me at security, slowed me down, I sprinted here and she's the reason why I won't make my flight and miss my show tonight," he continued.

On Twitter, Wale accused the airline of profiling him because he's black. "United at Newark be profiling for no reason," he wrote in a since-deleted tweet. "U got to convince them your first class. Young black dude? Must be a bootleg ticket huh."

After, Wale began retweeting a CNN article about long lines at TSA checkpoints, as well as the tweets of others who voiced their frustrations about the airlines, agreeing with Wale.

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