Former NFL Player Dana Stubblefield Charged with Rape

Dana Stubblefield

Former NFL player Dana Stubblefield has been charged with rape of a "developmentally delayed" woman, prosecutors announced on Monday (May 2).

Authorities allege that the former defensive lineman assaulted the woman in April 2015 at his Morgan Hill home after interviewing her for a baby-sitting job.

Stubblefield, 45, is charged with five felony counts and faces a "substantial prison sentence" if convicted, said authorities.

His attorneys, however, claim the sex was consensual, and says he's been unfairly targeted because of his wealth and celebrity.

Bail for Stubblefield is set at $250,000. His arraignment is scheduled to take place within 24 hours.

  • ursocalledgod

    CONSENSUAL? with a mentally challenged woman? this piece of shit should spend the rest of his worthless life behind bars.

  • Facts

    Know the facts before you comment on something that you have absolutely no involvement with. Thank you!

  • ursocalledgod

    Yeah cause that's what everyone's does lol. GTFOH lame. I can only comment on the FACTS stated by the post you idiot. And it clearly states the sex was CONSENSUAL and that this YOUNG WOMAN is MENTALLY DISABLED. so run along and eat a d!c.