Shaq’s Walmart Knockoffs Clowned, But He’s Laughing to the Bank

Shaq Dunkman at Walmart

Brandon Richard (of Sole Collector) published a hilarious piece this week, breaking down Shaquille O'Neal's worst knockoff sneakers... most of which appear to blatantly copy a number of popular silhouettes and colorways.

It highlighted a long list of Shaq sneakers, alongside their original inspiration... prompting endless clowning from the rest of the Internet and community of sneakerheads.

While its commendable Shaq is providing options for those without the finances to afford a $200 USD pair of Jordans, the Internet has been brutal. But, the retired NBA legend doesn't seem to care much, as he took to Facebook with the perfect response.

"Laugh all you want, the Shaq brand has sold over 120 millions pairs of affordable shoes for kids @Walmart," he wrote on Facebook, along with the following photo.

Shaq Shoes at Walmart

According to Sole Collector, Shaq has been selling his Dunkman sneakers at Walmart since 2004. His footwear is currently listed on the retailer's website, ranging from $10 to $32 USD.

  • Carlton_B

    Shaq is the man. Shaq has probably done more for the various communities he frequents than every person who decided to spend some time ripping on him combined.

  • gaetarick

    Shaq made you shoe elitists eat your own dirty shit ...

  • kritikosman


  • Champs

    I know it$ the right thing to do but.... *sighs* I just can't....... channel 9 news and the judge will have no sympathy for me nor my children

  • Haha, damn, do your thing Shaq. Wont catch me wearing them tho.

  • TrillTalk

    Flat out. That big ass nigga dnt even wear em

  • Observable Universe

    Shiiiit, i'll get a pair. Just cause. Keep it "G" Shaq.

  • he dont

  • ironkong

    aye man.. all these people standing in lines for 200-300 dollar sneakers can fuck off. good on u shaq.. average people/parents have an option