Introducing the Trans Am “Bandit Edition”

Florida-based Trans Am Worldwide has unveiled a modern interpretation of the iconic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that starred in the 1977 classic, Smokey and the Bandit, starring Burt Reynolds.

Built on the fifth-generation Chevy Camaro SS, the new Trans Am "Bandit Edition" features the signature split grille of the original, quad square headlights, ground effects and a rear lip spoiler. Snowflake wheels, a black and gold paint job, a "Screaming Chicken" decal on the hood, and T-Tops complete the iconic look.

It's not just all looks either. Performance upgrades include a lowered, tuned suspension, a cold-air intake 7.4-liter General Motors V8, supercharged to 840 hp, and a Hurst close-ratio, short-throw shifter on a six-speed manual transmission.

Inside, the interior sports custom leather trim and a set of retro-faced gauges, as well as its own "Bandit" logo, which depicts the profile of a cowboy with a bandana over his face. Finally, Burt Reynold's authentic signature on the dashboard.

The Trans Am "Bandit Edition" will be limited to just 77 units, each carrying a pricetag of $115,000 USD. But, Trans Am Worldwide offers a range of models, starring at around $70,000 USD.

  • Crystal

    "quad square headlights" Did anyone look at the car or a the pictures here? It clearly has round headlights in there.

  • Ooooo

    shut up, go away.

  • LVslotdoc

    Don't worry about it. By the time this thing is ever released, IF it ever is, it will probably have square WHEELS!

  • shlort

    If I had the money, I would order one of those today! 115 grand would be a great investment.

  • MotorcityAl


  • Charles Aachen

    Still looks like one a new chunky camaro, and probably weighs more.

  • JasonC5

    Nah, even though it may save on gas I think it'll be cheaper to restore my dad's original from the 70s.

  • Jack Dee

    Crystal, Imma let you "smokey" my "bandit" in the backseat of this fine ride

  • Shi Bumi

    One for each state, and the "rich" states get two, might be how they'll divvy these up. Someone could be the only one racking up speeding tickets in their state with this puppy! ;-) I think they will sell all 77 of them quickly simply for the very limited edition factor. Just my opinion.

  • Doug Pippen

    West bound and down.

  • Redneck Catnip!

  • Or you can just get a Corvette.