N.O.R.E. Recalls Story About Time Michael Jordan Said “F*ck Rap”


While countless rappers has name-dropped Michael Jordan over the years, the NBA icon isn't a fan of the culture... at all.

The stories about MJ are legendary. One of the funniest has to be from Chamillionaire, who recalled a story years ago about how Jordan denied him a photo... but in a very disrespectful way.

Most recently, N.O.R.E. called Jordan "a hater of hip hop", while recalling a story of MJ being at a Def Jam Christmas party and dissing the genre... and a group of rappers.

During an appearance on this week's Rap Radar podcast, he told the hilarious story.

"I seen him shut Redman down at a Def Jam Christmas party," said N.O.R.E. "We were all sitting there waiting to speak to Michael Jordan. N*ggas said, 'Yo, Redman and Method Man is here.' [MJ] said, 'F*ck rap.' I seen the n*gga say that... Quote me. I believe it was Redman and Method Man, and I'm to the side, so I can directly hear his voice. He was like, 'F*ck rap.' That sh*t hurt me. Def Jam Christmas party, Mariah Carey hosting and sh*t like that. He only spoke to Hov, but he spoke to Hov. That's without a doubt."

  • P.P.P.

    after that its official.. Im done with Michael Jordan.. he always was my favorite but RedMan is my FAVORITE!!!!! no way Im letting that shit slide no way no how..Reggie shoulda broke that nigga jaw!!!! #BRICKS