Dana White Says Holly Holm Lost Big Pay Day

Holly Holm

After Holly Holm lost her title to Miesha Tate at UFC 196 earlier this month, UFC president Dana White addressed the upset, saying her impatience cost her a lot of money.

If the now-former champ would've waited, she would've potentially seen the biggest payday in UFC history in a rematch with Ronda Rousey, whom she knocked out last November. Instead, she took a quick fight with Tate and suffered the consequences.

"It's one of those things. I feel bad about it. I feel bad for Holly. I don't know if Holly really knows what she lost," White told ESPN.

He went on to say that Holm's longtime manager Lenny Fresquez pushed for the fight by going public, which was ultimately, a big mistake.

"I think [Holm] has so much faith in the people that surround her, she feels like, 'Well, they got me this far.'. The sad part about that is, listen, he's an old boxing guy who thinks he’s smart, and he's not," White explained. "We had this meeting, and Holly wasn't even in it. Holly, that's your life. You should be in that meeting. Don't leave it to these people. Anyway, Holly made a lot of money. She accomplished great things, she beat Ronda Rousey. But it could have been so much bigger for her, and the sad part is, I don’t think she even knows it."

Holm fired back at White, denying that his manager pushed her into the fight.

"For me, I don't really care what people say about me," Holm said on "The MMA Hour." "But I do care when people are negative about the people around me who I love and who support me. So yeah, it's frustrating, because it was something that I wanted and it's something that [Fresquez] pushed for [afterwards]."

Does she regret her decision? Not at all.

"I've always said I wanted to fight and there still has been no for-sure time that Ronda's going to be back. So they said there's all this money coming in for that fight, but what if that fight doesn't ever happen?" Holm said. "Then what are you waiting for? Nothing. You only make money off that fight if that fight is actually going to happen, and I don't know what's going to happen. Number one, I don't fight for money. I only fight because I'm passionate about it, and so if we didn't know if she'd be back right away, we thought, 'Well, let's get another fight going.' "

  • Jo

    Shut your bitch ass up. Everyone fights for money..

  • Skinyviny

    Jo your a idiot. A real fkn idiot.

  • Skinyviny

    This is Dana Whites way of saying you beat my girlfriend up so now you need to pay for that. Holly was ABSOLUTLY correct in what she did. Why should she have to wait on the sidelines to wait for Dana s girlfriend to recovery or if she recovered. I will bet if. Rousey beats Tate " and I think she will" Rousey will retire to avoid fighting Holm and losing her belt again also the fact that if holm fights Tate again Holm wins. White and Rousey both said that they want retire as champ and this is the way it can happen. Rousey could Never beat Holm.

  • Harry Warren

    It is very unfortunate, as the old saying goes Holly Holm nor her handlers could see the forest from the trees.
    The problem was not that Holly took the fight with Meisha Tate, it was Holly's poor mental state going into the fight. Holly was giggling and so friendly with Tate at the weigh in. Then, she went into the fight not wanting to hurt Tate. MMA requires a killer mentality. Holly went to the fight with a boxers mentality, once the opponent
    is losing and gets knocked down to the ten count it stops there. Holly did not finish it and had compassion when she was winning. Then, subsequently Holly asked for a rematch stating "I gave you a shot at the title now give me a chance at a rematch." This exemplifies Holly's mistaken Tate as a friend. What she got instead was
    Tate's denigrations and statements that "Holly panicked and could not handle the pressure."

  • rrow

    Skinyviny - love your comment to the moron Jo....Jo you need to shut your mouth or else I'll have Ronda b*slap you.

  • igor marich m.d.

    I agree that Holly was naive, thought Misha was a friend, and did not punch hard and brutal like she
    Did with Ronda Rousey who had insulted her and
    Treathened Holly ,Ronda said "I will enjoy the beating I am going to give you"_that statement probably pissed Holly Holm and we all see what she was capable of doing-broke. Ronda'd jaw with
    Straight left,KOed her with a headkick.Now after reading Misha's statements,realizing how Misha played her ,pretending she was Holly's. Best friend untill Holly gave her a title shot against UFC wishes, but with Misha's promise that she would return the favor, which Misha now denies.
    I believe that Holly is telling the truth and if rematch ever happens,Misha Tate will meet different Holly Holm, the same that retired Ronda

  • Skinyviny

    Igor you right on the money. Meisha backstabbed Holly. But if White is the promotion genius he claims he is the big money is Holm vs Tate and after Holm beats Meisha then Rousey but Dana knows Ronda can beat Tate and will do that fight so Ronda can retire as champ and avoid Holm