Game Co-Signs 50 Cent’s Effen Vodka in Drunk IG Post

The Game

While it's likely that 50 Cent will never be on good terms with The Game ever again, it's not stopping the Compton rapper from co-signing Fif's Effen Vodka.

In a lengthy and drunken Instagram post this week, which has since been deleted, Game said he was forced to drink 50's vodka recently, because "the club ran outta whatever the f*ck else" he was drinking. Then, surprisingly, found out: "This bullsh*t is actually amazing."

Under a promo of Fif's Power and Fox's Empire, Game ranted about a number of topics, from seemingly digging Kehlani to not being able choose between Beyoncé and Rihanna when he's drunk and even revealing that he spends $27.99 on his TIDAL subscription.

"With all that being said," Game added. "Hov, I need a feature."

Apparently, his reference to Kehlani, which you can read in the IG post below, upset the singer, who blocked him and addressed his disrespectful comments with a series of hashtags including #YourLackOfRespectForWomenIsShowing, #NeverMetMeBefore, and #DontEverExpectTo.

#TheGame was definitely on one last night 😩😩😩

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