Gamers Battle it Out for “Tecmo Super Bowl” Supremacy Ever Year

Tecmo Super bOwl

The NES's 1991 title, Tecmo Super Bowl, is probably one of the console's faves among retro gamers... and it's so popular, there's a huge tournament in Madison, WI, where the world's best players battle it out for Tecmo Bowl supremecy.

ESPN recently covered Tecmo Madison's Tecmo XII, the largest such tourney in the country, which had more than 250 players participate at the Badger Bowl, a bowling alley/pub, who traveled from around the world.

This year's champion was a mysterious competitor who calls himself "Joeygats"... who won in front of hundreds who attended and thousands who watched online.

Joeygats tells ESPN, he's played more than 25,000 games online, more than 60,000 hours of gameplay. "I don't think no one plays this game more than me," Joeygats said. "They play live or whatever, but I play online like 30 times a day sometimes... I've really put in hours."

Despite its popularity, tournament founders Chet and Josh Holzbauer announced that this year's tournament would be their last as organizers.

Watch the final game of this year's tournament in the clip above, and see a past feature by ESPN about the annual Tecmo Tournament from 2012. For more info, visit

  • Ron IsNotMyRealName

    Nice that you can only see part of the video on the top of the screen. Not exactly baller status.

  • Dan

    Who decides the teams? And where can I play online (wii?)

  • sigh

    Winner of the coin flip picks the two teams. Loser picks which team they want out of the two.

  • Dan

    Thank you sigh. How is that guy playing online? Through the computer or wii?