50 Cent, Hot 97’s Ebro Argue Over Downfall of NY Hip-Hop

Ebro and 50 Cent

50 Cent took to Instagram on Friday to call out Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden, after he accused the hip-hop mogul of destroying the New York Rap scene.

On IG, Fif posted a photo of Ebro, along with the caption: "This Guy said I destroyed New York HipHop because I didn't work with New York artist to cover up he was the program director that wouldn't play there records. sMH."

In response, Ebron took to Hot 97 airwaves to explain his position, citing 50 Cent's feud with Ja Rule as the culprit behind the diminishing NY hip-hop scene. "When 50 and Ja didn’t want to work together and people was affiliated on this side and people was on that side, it made other people from other places not also want to do music with those artists," Ebro said, "because they didn’t want no problems."

"He wanted to throw up a conversation on his Instagram about how I said his beef with Ja and that whole thing divided New York in a way that crippled New York forever," he says. "50 and I have had this discussion face-to-face. He don't like it, but then he wants to say I'm covering for the fact that I don't support New York artists. Well, I'm here for the flames."

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50 Cent returned with another post after Ebro's show, blaming him and radio, yet again, for NY's downfall.

"I saw your response," 50 Cent writes. "Truth is you wouldn't know a hit,if it hit your ass in the head. Radio is all messed up, New artist have to break on line. I know you can't see it but you don't mean sh*t anymore. Buy the time you support records there already working fool. Name one new Artist or song out of New York you broke. Lol you should be ashamed of your self. "

What do you think? Who has the better point in this debate?

  • Wynn Wynn Situations

    Radio killed indie hip hop period not just in New York City every where . they let the majors labels decide who got rotation and who was on the mix shows 50 did his part by making beef with everyone in the business making humans scared to network and colab with each other

  • Johnny Cage Jr.

    50 cent did play a big part in the destruction of new york hiphop


    How do you destroy something you're VERY successful in?? You do know that 50 has hit after hit record while they say he destroyed hip-hop = that doesn't make ANY sense! Last time I checked Irv/Murder Inc. went to court, jail & had conspiracy charges that got them kicked out of the Def Jam building PERMANENTLY + Diddy & Shyne had a shootout in the clubs & lied to police so I'm not sure how 50 is responsible for EVERYONE else's actions! Nice try! Radio clearly dropped the ball here & has been trying to justify/rationalize their corporate enslavement the entire time = the GLORIFYING of WHITE artists with ZERO talent vs. ALL of the BLACK, LATINO & POOR kids living in NYC that know these guys PERSONALLY = Ebro's a TOTAL douche-bag!!!! Ebro has A LOT of things to be embarrassed about since becoming the PD @ HOT 97!!

  • Silver Da Don

    Ebro is some type of agent. He ain't here for nothing to do with hip hop music or culture. The elites placed him there to push the gay takeoverof hip hip agenda. Think about it. That is the only movement that made any progress out here under hos watch. Hot 97 been on a downward spiral like never before and rapidly falling still. All that and it is still not a serious issue with the station. Look like some underhanded, look at the big picture agenda bullshit to me. Nobody else see this shit?

  • chappedlippz

    Both have valid points.