Holly Holm Wants Cris Cyborg If Ronda Rousey Doesn’t Return

Holly Holm and Cris Cyborg

The general consensus is that current UFC women's champ Holly Holm will take on Ronda Rousey in a rematch, if she defeats Miesha Tate at UFC 196 in March.

Most expect her to win, and if she does, Rousey is widely expected to be the next in line. But... if for some reason, Ronda doesn't return to the UFC, Holm is making contingency plans.

According to the L.A. Times, Holm's manager Lenny Fresquez has proposed that they fight Rousey's longtime nemesis/Invicta 145-pound champ Cris Cyborg at a 140-pound catchweight. However, he says the UFC hasn't given them a firm response.

Fresquez is also highly skeptical that Rousey even wants a rematch with Holm. "That's my theory," he tells the paper. "I hope I'm wrong. I haven't been wrong yet... That's why I offered the [Cyborg] fight at 140. We'd take that fight if Ronda needs more time to make up her mind."

UFC president Dana White tells the Times that he doesn't talk to Rousey on a daily basis, as she continues her business outside the UFC -- she's due to star in a remake of the Patrick Swayze film Roadhouse.

"I'm just leaving her alone," White said. "We talk once a week, I'm letting her do her thing. That woman worked her ... off [for the UFC] for three and a half years, I'm just letting her have a break here."

Rousey, herself, has maintained that she wants the rematch.

  • Neil Coles

    Now we're talking!

  • Bjorn Ahlblad

    Well it would be entertaining; but I don't see it happening.

  • bunyamin

    I hope it happens. Holly has mentioned fighting cyborg before

  • Juchi

    Definitely, the most anticipated fight in WMMA - much more so than a HH vs. RR rematch, at least from my perspective.

  • David

    Can't wait for this to happen. Cyborg vs Holm is the greatest female fight in all fight sports.
    Plus, Ronda was too scared to fight Cyborg for YEARS. It will show her die hard fans what a real fighter does when faced with a mountain.

    Holly is easily the greatest female fighter the ufc has ever had. She only had to sandbag 2 fights to get a title shot too!

    Holly for Prez!!

  • David

    The only way it doesn't is if Dana 2hite and the ufc don't want to humiliate Ronda again. They helped her duck Cyborg, hope they don't feel the need to "save face" by ruining this fight.
    Go to stink up HollywoodRonda and et the real women fight!

  • Alex

    How come Rousey is getting a shot at the belt straight after losing a fight? Does she deserve special treatment because she's Hollywood? She ran her mouth and was awful to Holm, and is now acting like a fucking child. I hope she gets her ass handed to her with a crown on top.