Kindergarten Cop 2 (Official Trailer)

Yes, finally... a sequel to Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1990 comedy, Kindergarten Cop, is on the way. However, Arnold is not returning to reprise his role. Instead, another 1990s action star is stepping in.

Dolph Lundgren plays an undercover FBI agent, who plays a Kindergarten teacher to get what he needs.

Kindergarten Cop 2 drops on May 17 on DVD and On-Demand.

  • Jackie Sunshine McKee

    Finally a movie that I can enjoy with my grand kids. It is fantastic that Dolph Lundgren chose to work with kids. I have always liked him in such movies as I Come in Peace and Universal Soldiers. This is a softer side of Dolph. The director Don Michael Paul has done great work with sequels like Jarhead 2 and Tremors 5. I wish him much success in this latest sequel. Thanks Universal for releasing this sequel to a classic film.