PUMA Confirms Deal With Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner x PUMA

Although Kanye West tried to veto the deal, it appears Kylie Jenner is moving forward in partnership with Adidas rival, PUMA.

News first surfaced earlier this month that the reality star had finalized a seven-figure deal with PUMA to become its new brand ambassador. However, Kanye quickly took to Twitter, saying that he had blocked the deal... and warned PUMA to "never try to divide the family."

Despite his efforts, PUMA officials confirmed with NiceKicks, during the AGENDA Show in Las Vegas this week, that the deal is still a go.

Details regarding the deal are still unknown, and neither PUMA or Jenner has announced the deal publicly.

Stay tuned...

  • Observable Universe

    Kanye is a child

  • wokkawokka

    Adidas was started by two brothers (who were both Nazi’s) Rudolf Dassler got mad at his brother (Adi) and started Puma. The rivalry has not changed since. Lets now see TMZ and everyone talk about how the Kardashians and Kanye support Hitler and the Nazi's by promoting these 2 brands.....