Snoop Dogg Introduces Burger King’s New “Grilled Dogs”

When it comes to endorsing products, in hip-hop, no one seems to do it more than Snoop Dogg. In a new ad spot, he helps Burger King introduce its latest menu item: Grilled Dogs.

In a mock "training video," the rap legend takes viewers through the kitchen to show us all how BK's new hot dogs are made... from the LBC to the BK baby.

Burger King's Grilled Dogs are set to arrive on Feb. 23 arrival.

  • Josh Bennett

    Rap legend and stupid niggggger birch dog.

  • Rasta Pasta

    Turkey Chicken Beef or Pork???
    Nigga tellin us what to put on it but bein real quiet about whats in it..
    And he didnt bite into one either smh Snoop aint no god damn good!!!