50 Cent Pokes Fun at Reports That Diddy Had Tupac Killed

50 Cent

Following reports of Diddy being behind the murder of Tupac, 50 Cent took the opportunity to poke fun at the hip-hop mogul.

"LMAO SO PUFFY WIT THE SH*T HUN ? ? SEE YOU GOTTA WATCH THESE PUNKS,? SCARY ASS N*66AS A TRY YOU," Fif writes on Instagram, alongside a screenshot of a New York Daily News story. "#nopuffyjuice he killed Your favorite Rapper."

The allegations come from former LAPD detective Greg Kading, who details everything in his new documentary, Murder Rap: Inside The Biggie & Tupac Murders.

The doc claims Puffy Daddy paid Crips member Keffe D $1 million to kill Tupac and Suge Knight. Then, in retaliation, Suge paid a Bloods member to kill Biggie months later..

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