“NBA 2K” Makers Being Sued Over Use of Players’ Tattoos

LeBron James in NBA 2K16

Take-Two Interactive and Visual Concepts, the makers behind popular video game franchise NBA 2K, are being sued by a company that owns the rights to tattoos on NBA players.

According to ESPN, Solid Oak Sketches filed its lawsuit on Monday in New York federal court, claiming that particular tattoos depicted on players in NBA 2K16 is its copyrighted work.

The suit cites eight specific designs, including a child's portrait on LeBron James' forearms and butterflies on Kobe Bryant's arm.

Solid Oak Sketches acquired the copyrights to most of the tattoos in 2015, and has offered Take-Two a license to the tattoos for $1.1 million.

"It's clear that they knew that this was something that was to be negotiated," said Darren Heitner, whose firm, Heitner Legal, is co-representing the plaintiff.

Take-Two Interactive were not immediately returned.

  • ytgarner

    The year of petty shit

  • Observable Universe

    How in the hell can copyright tattoos? That means tattoo artist literally own a percentage of your body. Not only that, that's free promo for the artist, they should pay the person who has the tattoo!