Matt Barnes Calls 2015 “Worst Of His Life”

By Staff  |  01/02/2016

Matt Barnes

If you think you had a bad year, NBA player Matt Barnes feels like he's had it worse.

The Grizzlies forward took to Instagram this week to reflect on a year he calls "hands down" the worst year he's ever had.

In addition to posting a photo of a phrase that reads, "Success Is What Happens When You Survive All Of Your Mistakes," Barnes wrote a long message in the caption with an optimistic outlook on 2016. "Thank God For 2016! 2015 hands down was the worst year of my life!"

He then goes on to list the things that went wrong, starting with "lost the women I loved, the mother of my kids." He adds that he had to walk away from the only thing he's ever wanted, "MY OWN FAMILY!"

Barnes is referring to his split from estranged wife Gloria Govan, and his well-publicized altercation with Knicks coach Derek Fisher in October, which ultimately resulted in a two-game suspension.

"I stuck in the 'triangle offense' w my ex & snitch, I mean former teammate & friend. Who went behind my back, messed w my ex, got caught, got dealt w for being a snake, then ran & told the Police & NBA," Barnes wrote on IG. "Instead of taken that a-- whoopin like a man & kept it moving....! WHERE THEY DO THAT AT? Guess cause I didn't SNITCH, I get a 2 game suspension by the league 'They call that LIFE.'"

Later, he mentions being "traded away from a team & city I love!" And finally, says his life last year "played out like a bad reality show, a nightmare, for your amusement & entertainment! For you to critique, make fun of, crack jokes & laugh about."

Barnes also made headlines, when he insinuated that he and Rihanna were an item, which the pop star shot down... immediately.