Meek Mill Losing Big Money Due To Travel Restrictions

Meek Mill

Since a judge restricted his travel, due to a probation violation, Meek Mill has been losing lots of money.

Sources tell TMZ that the MMG rapper had a number of gigs lined up before a Pennsylvania judge prohibited him from leaving the state. As a result, he's set to lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits from missed concerts and appearances.

While losing money, Meek is also spending tens of thousands of dollars every month for commitments in Los Angeles -- including a home he and girlfriend Nicki Minaj are leasing and a recording studio he's already booked for $15,000 a week.

He and Nicki are booked for New Year's Eve performance in Las Vegas and tickets are already sold out.

And... he's facing time behind bars. Meek is scheduled to appear in court in February for sentencing.

  • Mistakes

    MM should go into silence, get off of social media complaining about the courts system and his money losses.

    Acknowledge, and accept the fact that he caused this problem himself. He committed the crime, he got caught, and he violated his probation obligations. Meek has to accept the punishment that comes along with his criminal behavior.

    Meek needs to humble himself, get on his knees, and pray.
    Plead for forgiveness.
    Plead for guidance.
    Plead for a second chance at probation time, and no jail.

  • Tell your hyna to cover it ay. She got stacks.

  • Observable Universe

    And it's all your fault. Get over it, dummy.

  • Beans

    Meek Mill = Nightmare Chaser

    Shout Out Steady B & Cool C

    R.I.P. Tommy Hill

    I say This Because Meek Shall Soon Sit Beside One Or Two Of Them........Allegedly