50 Cent Lowers Price Of Connecticut Mansion: $8.5 Million

50 Cent at his mansion

50 Cent has lowered the asking price for his Connecticut mansion to $8.5 million, reports the AP.

The hip-hop mogul first put the massive mansion up for sale in 2007 for $18.5 million, but with no interested buyers, he's continued to lower the price over the years.

Still, real estate expert Rob Giuffria feels the price is still a little steep. "50 would have a better chance being a country music singer" than selling the property at $8.5 million, he told the Hartford Courant.

50 bought the home in 2003 from Mike Tyson for $4.1 million, and spent anywhere from $6 to $10 million in renovations, which includes a nightclub, casino, basketball court, helipad and movie theater.

In July, he filed for bankruptcy, and in court documents, said he spends $72,000 per month on upkeep on the home and $5,000 on gardening.

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  • What that have to do with buying a house that cost $100K to upkeep a month?

  • AV

    Yep it does cause that's on paper in reality he ain't spending that. He is trying to drain the known bank accounts so that he appears broke on paper & doesn't have to pay. He is bringing up all kinds of bullshit expenses like lawyers getting payed 80K the weekend they were preparing for the case etc

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