Game & Stitches Get Into Altercation Outside Miami Nightclub

The Game and Stitches

After the two exchanged threats on social media in October, Stitches and The Game game face-to-face in Miami on Thursday night (Dec. 3)... resulting in a schuffle.

According to TMZ, Stitches waited out Miami Beach's Story Nightclub to confront Game... after being denied entry. Then, when the Compton rapper emerged with his crew, a brief altercation took place and Game's manager Wack 100 punched Stitches, immediately flooring him.

Authorities broke up the pair, and when the Miami-based rapper later tried to exit the scene, he was pulled over by police, who found a small amount of marijuana, and arrested him for resisting an officer without violence, marijuana possession, and a pair of outstanding warrants.

Wack 100 was also arrested, said the report.

Back in October, Stitches took to social media, calling out The Game and challenging him to him a fight.

Night night nigga 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #DownGoesStitches #WhyYouWalkUpWitThatMuchConfidenceThough #ThatBoyReallyMillyRockOnAnyBlock #HeDidntSeeItComing #MutomboHitThatBoyWitTheNotInMyHouse #BigSofty #Waited2HoursInTheRainToGetSlept #iHitNiggasAndTheySueMe #LearnedLesson #WontGetAnotherPennyOuttaMe #SleepWellPrincess

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  • Lil Fase 1000

    I was there and I must say Stitches jaw got more glass in it than a chandelier as I always suspected #ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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    other niggaz Been fightin games Battles for years.....whats new lol

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    Even though her got slept, he didin't run from the fight. Respect.