Chi-Raq (Trailer) Directed By Spike Lee

Here's the official trailer Amazon's first feature film, Chi-Raq, directed by the famed Spike Lee.

Featuring a star-studded cast, including Nick Cannon, Samuel L. Jackson, Wesley Snipes, Dave Chappelle and Jennifer Hudson, the film sees figures from the city try to implement a unique way to combat Chicago's violence... only to cause an uproar.

Chi-Raq hits theaters Dec. 4.

  • ursocalledgod

    this shit look dumb as hell. smh

  • ez_money3

    I'm here in the city and I'm at a loss for words. .... maybe there's more to it

  • Goodii2Shoes

    1st glance, It looks funny. (so,,, I want to see it...for the comedy) ..but then I saw the no pum-pum schtick & really tried to remember which film/show Spike was parodying. (that's definitely been done before) but I'm from the city & as its a brutal killing zone whr the killing is not hardly done totally over women & wouldn't stop over them/their wishes.... I wonder where Spike was going??