Aspiring Rapper 3Pac Dies At 24


Aspiring rapper 3Pac passed away over the weekend, following a drowning accident.

According to reports, the 24-year-old nearly drowned during water polo practice, after being submerged for a prolonged period of time.

3Pac suffered brain damage and was taken off life support on Saturday (Oct. 17).

The comedic rapper was a student at San Jose State University, and garnered attention online due to a Youtube video for a cut called "Rap God (Hardest In The Game Son)," which raked up more than 600,000 views at press time.

3Pac also released a Slim Jesus diss track last month.

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  • Prageeth Perera

    R.I.P 2PAC (1971 - 1996)
    R.I.P 3PAC (1991 - 2015)

  • Rico Stifler

    Yes! So happy that fat waste of space is dead! "Comedic Rapper"? You have to be funny in order to be comedic. He wasn't funny at all. In fact, he was one of the STUPIDEST people I have ever encountered. The world is better off with him dead.

  • spookywan

    You're a cunt.

  • Rico Stifler

    And you're a bitch.

  • John Razimus

    RIP 3Pac, you're a legend, gone too soon, Zero Hoots Son - 3pac, Str8upson ZHG son

  • dududerpstein

    r.i.p g

  • All done and PACked