Slim Jesus Confronted By Chicago Rapper In Atlanta

Slim Jesus

Ohio rapper Slim Jesus was reportedly confronted by a Chicago rapper in Atlanta recently, during the A3C Hip Hop Festival.

In a video clip, a rapper named MB Jesus is seen coming face-to-face with Slim Jesus, and demanding that he: "Tell them who the real Jesus is." After repeating the request several times, Slim eventually walks away, and another man is heard screaming: "You's a bitch."

Slim Jesus garnered attention in August when the video for his song "Drill Time" went viral. In it, he and his crew are seen touting hand guns, while he raps about tales of shooting at his haters and slanging drugs.

While he intrigued viewers, Slim Jesus later admitted, via an interview with Vlad TV, that he doesn't live the life he portrays in his music, and simply raps about the topics he finds "cool."

Despite the recent confrontation and the revelation about his true upbringing, Slim Jesus has received cosigns from a number of artists including Lil Bibby, Meek Mill, and Diplo.

To date, "Drill Time" has garnered nearly 11.4 million.

  • Nate Diggity

    By havin' the name Slim Jesus, you're kinda setting up yourself, que no?

  • Christopher Willis

    though he was gonna be a Christian rapper,both of these lames need to leave Jesus name out of their mess.

  • ChubbyInternetNerd

    They didn't do anything to him so they took the L.

  • ursocalledgod

    LMAO this is fuckery. ole jealous ass nigga made cause this little dude is getting shine right now. all that so called drill music is TRASH and this shit is funny to me. lil dude need to expect this tho. be a part of ignorant ass garbage music means youre subject to ignorant ass shit happening.