WTF!! Compton Rapper Posts Selfie After Being Shot

Teriq Royal

Aspiring Compton rapper Teriq Royal made headlines across the Internet this week, because he posted a selfie video online after being shot.

Royal didn't call the cops or go to the hospital after bullet fragments from an AK-47 struck him in the head. He posted a selfie video, of course.

"I guess I'm really a rap n*gga now," Royal said in a video, which shows his face bloodied. "I just got shot. Me and my soldiers out here, n*gga."

Additionally, the rapper posted a photo of his X-ray, which shows the three fragments. He says the fragments stopped before hitting his brain, and will have to live with them for the rest of his life.

  • This fool is a puto. I got shot, so Im really a rap nigga? Fool, you lost homes.

  • Wave aveli

    Now tha new generation iz glad 2 be victims? When u showed ur man bloodied up 2, that really made ur whole team look victimized. #ThisIsNotHowUEarnStripes

  • Observable Universe

    What a dumb ass