Rick Ross To 50 Cent: “Get Rich Or Die Trying, Now You Bankrupt”

Rick Ross

Rick Ross never misses an opportunity to take a pop shot at 50 Cent.

In his latest interview with Power 105's Angie Martinez, Ross made some comments about 50's ongoing bankruptcy issues.

"There's holes in your roof, fam," the rapper said, after asking if Jay Z or Diddy would ever consider filing for bankruptcy. "Get rich or die trying, and now you bankrupt."

50 Cent filed for bankruptcy over the summer, but has maintained that he did so to protect his fortune and "reorganize things."

50 Cent has yet to respond to Ross' recent jabs at him.

  • ytgarner

    Man fifth protecting his money but I get it Ross just talking shit.

  • Wave aveli

    U wish he really was copper. No doubt u sell records but, be clear u never had a platinum record because of 50. #DamageOutSidersDontKnow

  • ursocalledgod

    look at these niggaz below dick handling 50 lmao STOP IT!! 50 is a side show! like the boy ross said do you think puff or jay would of killed their brand over a 10-15 million dollar lawsuit? yall don't even know what claiming bankruptcy REALLY does. ross trying to keep his artist pumped he know garbage ass weak mills got BODIED!

  • Donald Trump stay filing bankruptcy... Brand on fleek still..

  • Info4U

    Donald Trump's companies stay filing BK. NOT Donlad Trump himself. Big Difference!