Skechers Overtakes Adidas In U.S. Sports Footwear Market


When you think of sportswear in the U.S., most think Nike, then possibly Adidas and maybe Under Armour. But, there's another brand quietly make its mark... Skechers?

According to the Wall Street Journal, citing NPD Group, the Cali-based footwear brand has landed in second in the U.S. sports footwear market.

Skechers' 2015 second-quarter net sales saw an increase of 36.4-percent, helping them surpass Adidas to become the second-largest athletic-footwear company in America.

The brand currently has 5% of US market share, compared with 4.6% for Adidas. However, Nike still holds the largest share, with 62% of the market.

Skechers "is the latest beneficiary of the so-called athleisure trend in retail, with shoppers snapping up sport-styled clothes and shoes regardless of whether they plan to work out in them," writes WSJ.

The brand is making its move through strong marketing and advertising to families, especially children -- a smart move, being that kids typically outgrow shoes and need new ones throughout the year.

  • Angela

    "a smart move, being that kids typically outgrow shoes and need new ones throughout the year." - If only this were true when it comes to Skechers. All three pairs of Skechers my son had last year were trashed long before he needed new shoes. I even wrote to Schechers about one pair that didn't last one week (velcro came unsewn) and had them send me a replacement pair. Velcro on replacements (outdoor shoes) and indoor school shoes were non-functioning within two months of purchase. Add to that, one pair were the slipperiest things I have ever seen. Soles were like felt and I watched my son slip all over a gym floor while wearing them.

    They may have a great market share, but they do NOT make quality footwear!