Inside DJ Khaled’s Insane Sneaker Closet

After doing some sneaker shopping, DJ Khaled offers Complex an exclusive first look at the flamboyant DJ's insane sneaker collection at his Miami home.

The collection consists of rare Jordan models, including some 1-of-1 DJ Khaled customs directly from the brand, as well as some coveted Oregon Duck makeups, Kanye West-designed Yeezys... all of which have their own nickname by Khaled.

Also, make sure to check out Khaled's episode of sneaker shopping in Miami.

  • Supreme Raheem

    this sand nigga is 4O therefore he should have waaaay more kicks considering all the swapmeets and bodegas his family opened in the black community to economically enslave us. he should have atleast 7ELEVEN hundred more pairs than that smh