Chris Brown Forced To Submit Drug Test In Custody Battle

Chris Brown and Royalty

Although Chris Brown scored a big victory in court on Friday (Sept. 11), over custody of his daughter, it didn't come without some requirements.

According to, the singer has been awarded temporary joint custody of Royalty, in which he and the mother Nia Guzman rotate every 4 days. However, the arrangement is dependent on whether Chris remains drug-free or not.

Guzman's lawyer asked the judge to force Brown to submit hair and urine samples for drug tests, and the judge ordered him to ante up on the spot.

It's currently unclear what the judge would do if the tests came back positive.

Other strings include: Brown's mom must be present when he has physical custody of the 1-year-old; and in 12 days, Chris and Nia must attend a mediation in hopes to agree on a long-term custody and support agreement. If they can't, the 4-day rotation will continue and a trial will be scheduled.

  • Brook

    That's so messed up! So many greedy, conniving women in the world. This crazy lady will never be happy until she makes Breezy's life a living HELL. All this man wants to do is be in his daughters life! Can he get some credit for not being a deadbeat like ALOT of men in this world? I hope Chris Brown comes out on top because he deserves his baby more than her.