Glasses Malone Threatens Yelawolf For Throwing Shade Toward L.A.

By Staff  |  09/04/2015

Glasses Malone

Shady Records signee Yelawolf has made headlines, as of late, over his support of the Confederate flag.

However, some of his views has angered one of his fellow rap peers... in Watts rapper Glasses Malone, who recently warned Yelawolf to watch his mouth, because of an Instagram post about the flag controversy in which he throws shade toward Los Angeles.

"I don't know what u mean typical 'LA' sh*t," Glasses responded on IG. "Ain't nothin' typical about this city here!!! So be proud of where you from but watch what u say about this!!!! F*ck around and get your pass revoked! 100."

Yelawolf made the comments last month defending his support of the Confederate flag, saying that Black rappers from the South have worn the flag.

He later deleted the post, but said he was forced to because someone served him with a cease and desist and threatened to sue.