Scarface Set To Drop 12th Studio Set, “Deeply Rooted”

Scarface - Deeply Rooted

Texas rap legend Scarface is set to drop his 12th studio album this week, titled Deeply Rooted.

It features 15 new tracks, with guest appearances from the likes of ZRo, Nas, John Legend, CeeLo Green and Rick Ross.

The effort see 'Face fully assuming his position as an elder statesman in hip-hop. "I feel like artists that have been around for a while listen to the music that's out now and they try to do what everybody else is doing," he says. "Where I come from, that's called biting. What I look like biting some 19-year-old's sh*t!"

Instead of following the trends of the day, Scarface delivers a body of work full of old-school sensibilities that manages not to sound dated.

Deeply Rooted releases September 4th, via his own Let's Talk/BMG label.

Below is the final tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Rooted (feat. Papa Reu)
3. The Hot Seat
4. Dope Man Pushin' (feat. Papa Reu)
5. F**k You Too (feat. ZRo)
6. Steer (feat. Rush Davis)
7. Anything
8. Do What I Do (feat. Nas & Rick Ross)
9. God (feat. John Legend)
10. Keep It Movin' (feat. Avant)
11. You (feat. CeeLo Greene)
12. All Bad
13. Voices
14. No Problem
15. Outro

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