Tyga – Don’t C Me Comin’ (Video)

Tyga returns with yet another video for his latest single, "Don't C Me Comin". In the clip, the rapper puts his awards and plaques on display in his mansion, while even showing off a lion as his house pet.

The song appears on Tyga's latest project, The Gold Album.

  • This puto is straight garbage. Who listens to this shit? He dont say nothing in his rhymes. Just talk. I never liked one Tyga song.

  • ursocalledgod

    LMAO this nigga is TRASH! along with this silly azz song. you cant talk that thug shit when you started your career on a corny azz wack rapper show where you said you have always been well off and lived in the burbs amongst the wealthy. also claimed your not hard and shouldn't have to be. smh how did this dude ever get semi famous?