Meek Mill Fires Back At Drake With “Wanna Know” Diss Track

Meek Mill

Following a pair of diss tracks from Drake (including "Charged Up" and "Back to Back"), Meek Mill finally fires back with a cut of his own called "Wanna Know."

On the new song, produced by Jahlil Beats & Swizz Beatz, the MMG rapper takes shot after shot at his rival, poking fun at his beef with Chris Brown and for allegedly getting punched by Diddy last year, while looping in Quetin Miller's alleged reference track for "Know Yourself."

"When that sh*t went down with Chris, you wrote a check," Meek raps.

Later, he calls Drake "a fraud," saying he be "Spittin' other n*ggas' sh*t," while questioning who he stole his flow from: "Was it Quentin Miller, was it Hush, or was it Detail where you really got your flow?"

Since dropping the track, Drake took to Instagram with the following response.

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  • Kyle Rayner

    I wanna know who told you this was fire, and to release it? It's hot GARBAGE!!!

  • chappedlippz

    University of Garbage Can Raps.

  • Barbie Touched It In The 6

    hey.. its friday night...Drake might as well ga'head and kill him..kick him while he's down and show the Nicki sex tape while he's at it...why not?