50 Cent Ordered To Pay Additional $2 Million In Sex Tape Lawsuit

50 Cent

After being ordered to pay $5 million in his sex tape case, 50 Cent lost yet again on Friday (July 24), when Lastonia Leviston was awarded an additional $2 million.

According to the New York Daily News, a jury decided Fif should pay up the additional judgement in punitive damages.

"I've been served justice by the courts and vindicated by God," Leviston said outside the courtroom.

As for 50, she said: "I hope he learned a lesson."

Leviston was originally seeking $15 million in the sex tape lawsuit. In all, she was awarded $7 million.

Despite claims that he's broke, after filing bankruptcy, the jury didn't buy it.

"He has it. He's 50 Cent. You know he has more than 50 cents," juror, Sylvia Rodriguez, told the paper. "I don't think he's broke. If anything he has it hidden."

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