Floyd Mayweather Picks Andre Berto For Next Fight

Andre Berto and Floyd Mayweather

Though it's yet to be officially announced, Floyd Mayweather has reportedly decided to fight Andre Berto in September, in what may be his final fight.

According to Sweet Science, the fight will be televised on CBS, rather than the typical pay-per-view format that Mayweather fans are used to.

It's unclear why it's airing on network TV, instead of PPV on Showtime.

Mayweather, 48-0, has already started training for the fight, which will take place on September 12, though he's yet to officially announce an opponent.

Stay tuned...

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    .....CBS and Showtime are a joint company, one owns the other.... I need a raise, Jay Casteel I need you to hit up payroll asap, Friday is approaching and I want my check to reflect my raise

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    You guys deleting comments again?!

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    Let's get it on...Easy win for Mayweather to go out on top!!!!!