Karrueche Hints At Reunion With Chris Brown


Chris Brown's ex Karrueche hinted at a reunion with her ex recently.

During an interview with Ryan Seacrest, in support of her film Sharknado 3, the model insists that she wants to focus on herself, but didn't rule out the possibility of Chris being a part of her life.

"Us getting back together... I can't say," Karrueche. "I don't know what the future holds. As of right now, I'm just completely focused on myself. I'm not trying to date anybody. I just want to figure out me, and grow within myself.

"There's no drama between us," she continued. "It's cordial. It's cool. It's peaceful. I don't like drama, period."

As far as dating someone else, Karrueche says she's not ready for that.

"I just don't even wanna go down that road. Like, I haven't met anybody yet. I feel like all guys are the same. All guys are dogs," she said with a laugh. "I'm fine."

  • madkeyra

    I don't know how serious Karrueche is about not being sure about getting back with Chris Brown. Is she saying it to give Chris false hopes, or because Chris and Rihanna are on better terms now, and or she really feels that way. Karrueche plays allot of games and I think around this time Karrueche has killed any chances of reuniting with Chris Brown. Karrueche has went on a full promotional tour for herself to boost her career. Talking about Chris, Rihanna and Royalty to plug whatever she's doing or trying to do. I think Chris has seen a new side of her he doesn't like and is unsure about being with her. Now that he and Rihanna are speaking again. I think Chris is moving toward Rihanna. I think Chris and Rihanna are friends but it may develop into a relationship but Chris needs to stay focus on Royalty.

  • Shai 2

    Chris is done with that media whore. She better hope all those interviews about Chris, Rihanna, and Royalty pay off because Chris is done with letting her ride his coat tails. Bye Karruech.. Attention Whore.