A Look At Chris Brown’s Massive Sneaker Closet

Chris Brown's sneaker closet

Chris Brown copped a huge, 8,317 square-foot home earlier this year in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley... but it's still not enough room for the singer.

Breezy needs more room for his clothing, especially his sneaker collection.

One of his home's main rooms was converted to a huge walk-in closet to accommodate his massive collection of gear and shoes.

In addition to the huge closet, the home features a soundproof home theater with 14 recliners, three fire pits and a 10-car motor court.


  • stanley

    Now I see why his Baby mother wants more Child Support. If you can waste millions of dollars on Shoes & Clothes you can afford 15k a month for your child. The problem is these NBA, NFL, and Rap artists spend 100% of their income on themselves and don't put money aside for their kids education or future. And when they go broke, the kids are stuck applying for FASA, and section 8 like everybody else, it's not right. Fight for your Child !

  • Bop it_Twis it_Pull it

    The money can go to the child, but fuck the baby mamas, they ain't gettin shit

  • Shoota

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  • chappedlippz

    Damn. Need to catch my breath.

  • Let Moms Eat Too

    if you and Bop it_
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