50 Cent Ordered To Pay $5 Million In Sex Tape Lawsuit

50 Cent

50 Cent took an "L" in court this week, when he was ordered to pay $5 million for leaking a sex tape featuring Rick Ross' baby mama.

According to the New York Daily News, jurors came to a decision after an hour in the lawsuit, awarding Lastonia Leviston $2.5 million in damages for using her image without her permission and another $2.5 million for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Leviston's lawyer argued that 50 Cent had leaked the tape online for publicity and to humiliate rival Rick Ross, who fathered a daughter with Leviston and was embroiled in a rap beef with him.

She was initially seeking a $20 million judgement.

The sex tape of Leviston and her former boyfriend, Maurice Murray was edited, with 50's alter ego "Pimpin' Curly" was superimposed into it as a narrator.

The jury will make a decision on punitive damages next week, which could see 50 Cent having to pay more.

  • Bop it_Twis it_Pull it

    You niggas stealing my line?! YOU take this L for not giving me credit AND for using a picture of 50 cent, making it seem like he won the settlement but he instead lost!

  • ursocalledgod

    lmao I know the boy Ross is laughing his azz off!

  • chappedlippz

    Damn Pimpin, thought you had this one in the bag.

  • maybe his music will improve?

    Fifty aint as smart as I thought he was. I wouldnt'a never did it the way he did it. he didnt take a second to think. Ross musta really had him in his emotions at the time and nobody around him advised him not to do it, not even his manager? smh