Meek Mill On Joe Budden: “He’s Corny As Sh*t”

Meek Mill

With his Dreams Worth More Than Money album topping the charts this week, Meek Mill stops by The Breakfast Club radio show to discuss his album, among other things.

During the interview, he also talked about his recent issues with Joe Budden... who he threw a shot at.

"Joe Buddens is corny as sh*t and always been corny as sh*t and always commenting on sh*t and ain't never did sh*t," Meek said. "I be looking at all the dudes who be talking... What the hell did you do? You a rapper, you can't talk. You was just crying, talking about your was on crack. Some crazy sh*t. You can't comment.

"I seen [DJ Envy] hugged up with his girl all weekend. You think I wanna comment while you hugged up? That look good. I don't know what's going on nowadays. You supposed to be gay, because you're a street rapper?"

"First of all, don't be on no podcast commenting. I'm cool. You not cool," he continued. "You can't tell me what people wanna see about me. I make n*ggas wanna have girlfriends, you make n*ggas not wanna have girlfriends because did it wrong. We don't even know what a podcast is. Don't be telling us what's cool... I don't even know Joe Buddens."

As far as real beef, Meek said he doesn't want to fight Joe Budden or even wants to battle, because no one cares what he says.

Elsewhere in the interview, Meek Mill talks about his new album, how he's changed since prison, his girlfriend Nicki Minaj, and a possible album with Future.

  • Rachet Queen

    Buddens is corny tho.

  • mississippi rap

    Meek corny too grilled cheese eatin wanna be down south soundin ass nigga smh philly niggaz dont do dat

  • ytgarner

    When you take a mans girl and she allows it. What the fuck you think is going to happen to you.

  • ursocalledgod

    both of them niggaz corny but at least budden can spit some credible bars. meek is basic as it comes.