YG Reboots Instagram Account, Leaves One Photo In Bandages


It looks like YG is starting over... at least on Instagram.

The rapper, who has been quiet since being shot in mid-June, cleared his IG account recently, leaving just one photo of himself in nothing but a towel and bandages over his gunshot wounds.

The caption reads: "#STILLKRAZY 'ALBUM KOMING SOON'."

YG was shot on June 12 at a recording studio in Studio City, Calif.

He's since said that he has no idea who shot him, and that he's back to work. In an interview with Billboard, he revealed that he's recorded a song called "Twist Your Fingers," which addresses the shooting.

"I mention it and talk about it on the record and let everyone know whatever they going to know," YG said. "I've been through real shit and I still go through real sh*t, and I made it in sticky situations and turned the negative into a positive."


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