Joe Budden Talks Meek Mill, Says A Battle Would Be No Contest

Joe Budden

Following his recent back-n-forth with Meek Mill, Joe Budden called into Hot 97 this week to address the drama surrounding his comments.

For those not following, Joe offered his opinion on Meek's relationship with Nicki Minaj saying, saying it's affected his music... which he said now sounds like "sappy f*ck sh*t."

Meek later responded, alluding to Joe commenting on him to raise awareness around his career, because his "rap money as slowed."

On Hot 97, Joe Budden said he meant no harm with his comments, which he claims were taken out of context.

Later, he said that Meek wouldn't want to battle with him on wax, because he's superior to him lyrically.

"I think that Meek has his lane that he thrives in and is successful in, and I have my lane... I don't think the two mesh very well," Budden said. "I'm in a group with Slaughterhouse and we rap with Eminem... He's in MMG and they rap with [Rick] Ross."

  • ytgarner

    lol joe budden stupid but it's the truth

  • cube

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  • The Highclass Scumbag

    #JoeBudden ... LYRIC for LYRIC!... BAR for BAR!... Is Ahead of 99% of The RAPPERS, in RAR/HIP-HOP Music... Period!... And if The So Called "FANS"!... Would Open Their EARS, to Songs Like "TIPSY, YOU and I... And His Features Like "MISS ME (with #Emanny), and MY EX (with #KevinCossom)... They'd See That, His "MUSIC" is Just as Well, as Dope.

  • ursocalledgod

    you and I, miss me, and my ex? thats some soft azz shyt. we don't rock songs dedicated to or about broads round here dawg. meek wack as fuc but budden got waaaaay better songs he go in on than them ones you just named. btw saying budden is ahead of everybody in the game is a dic handlers comment. knock it off. he aint better than crooked and def aint better than Ortiz and them just the dudes in his group.

  • The Highclass Scumbag

    MUSICALLY!... MUSIC Wise!... SONGS, that Can be Played on The Radio!... **sarcastic tone** HIP-HOP Historian!

  • Nunya Bidness

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