Adidas Yeezy 950 Boost Coming This Fall

Adidas Yeezy 950 Boost

Following the launches of the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost and 350 Boost, another Kanye West sneaker is on the way. Aside from possible new colorways of the aforementioned silhouettes, adidas is prepping the release of the Adidas Yeezy 950 Boost.

The combat boot was shown off during the Yeezy Season 1 debut in February... and is frequently being worn by Kanye. According to reports, the third Yeezy adidas model is due out in the fall, though a specific release date was unknown.

Will you be copping the 950 Boosts?

  • Bop it_Twis it_Pull it

    Hell nah, these are just as ugly as any Jordan shoe

  • Compton 213

    You saying j's are ugly? You must be a die hard payless fan. Lol

  • lol, what you wear? Crocs?

  • Bop it_Twis it_Pull it

    Nah, nigga Adidas has better shoes, J's are for bandwagon ass ppl, it's a basic nigga shoe

  • Bop it_Twis it_Pull it

    Adidas, Lacoste, LV

  • Rachet Queen

    Those are cute.

  • chappedlippz

    Not sure I like the desert storm look...

  • LV? yea, you sound like a ranker that would wear some bullshit like that.

  • Bop it_Twis it_Pull it

    Take this L, hop off

  • L? lol, fool, Im not the one over-paying for some $20 shoes that are made in a sweatshop. Who's really losing? Puto.

  • Bop it_Twis it_Pull it

    You ain't even a Thug nigga lol