Bobby Shmurda Busted After GF Sneaks Shank Into Prison

Bobby Shmurda

Although he's already facing murder and drug trafficking charges, Bobby Shmurda got another charge recently... when his girlfriend tried to sneak him in a shank.

According to the New York Daily News, on June 21 a guard witnessed the rapper's girlfriend, Kimberly Rousseau, take out a "black latex glove balloon wrapped in black electrical tape out of her bra and hand it to him. The guard opened the balloon and found a sharpened metal object" during a visit to Rikers Island in New York.

The 20-year-old Bobby Shmurda (real name: Ackquille Pollard) was busted, along with Rousseau, for promoting prison contraband.

Shmurda is already in custody on $2 million bail and faces 25 years in prison if convicted of previous charges.