First Look At 2016 Air Jordan 4 Retros

Air Jordan 4 Retro 2016

Jordan Brand is gearing up to bring new Air Jordan 4 Retro colorways next year, and offers this teaser of one colorway.

The brand teased just one image of this specific colorway that is expected for Spring 2016 season. It boasts a deep navy leather and waxed laces.

Stay tuned for more info...

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  • Chris Tyrone Ross

    how come ballerstatus is now all sneakers stories, air jordans stories, every 4-5 posts, a new sneaker story? Is Air Jordan bank rolling this site now? Come on man, love the jordans but I remember, Friday Fire and all the good articles back in the day...#loyalballerstatusreader

  • Thanks for the feedback Chris. Appreciate it, but we can't stay the same forever. We're trying to cover everything lifestyle, not just hip-hop anymore. We'll try to do better though. Thanks again.