Jhene Aiko Goes Grocery Shopping, Talks “Eat The Booty” Line

Jhene Aiko

Los Angeles singer Jhene Aiko has one of the hottest bar in music as of late, thanks to her verse on Omarion's hit single, "Post To Be."

On the song, she sings: "I might let your boy chauffeur me / But he gotta eat the booty like groceries."

The lyric has spawned memes and numerous mentions on social media, so MTV caught up with Jhene to do a little grocery shopping... and explain the line, which she said didn't have much thought behind it.

"I wrote my verse, and I said, Whatever we say, I wanna make sure we say about 'eat the booty,' because it was a fun song," she explained. "I wanted my part to be funny and unexpected. Ironically 'groceries' rhymes with 'Post To Be.' It works.

"Though I say, 'You gotta...' You don't. You don't gotta. You don't have to. It's optional. It's not everyone's thing."

Check ut what she goes shopping for in the video below.

  • Bop it_Twis it_Pull it

    Yo there's a typo in this article, that error INSTANTLY makes this whole site a non-credible source.

  • I knew this bitch wasn't down. Just said that shit for shock value and a gimmick. Fraud ass bitch.

  • Rachet Queen

    Hot line, but music these days is so wack. How you gone say a line and not even be about it? Just for a gimmick? So wack. She aint bout that life.

  • Yo

    disgusting bitch

  • Kyle Rayner

    Eating booty is some nasty sh*t